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3 March 2020

5 plant ideas for your home

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It’s no secret that houseplants have a positive effect on the atmosphere of a room. They give us oxygen and increase air humidity – not to mention the pleasure we get from looking at our own botanical gardens.
Here’s a small selection of great opportunities to accentuate your plants:

White room with hammock, desk, chair, shelf and picture frame.
There’s a creative plant idea hiding in the picture – can you spot it?

1. Upcycling, botanical style

You don’t have to buy a new flower pot every time you get a new plant. Just dig unused items out of the cupboard and give them a new purpose. Your gran’s antique teapot or your latest jumble sale purchases can easily be turned into a contemporary flower pot: Just fill it with earth, add your favourite plant, and you’re done!

Small jug with cactus.
An alternative use for teapots. (photo @ Bebenjy / iStock)

2. Plants without soil – can that really work?

Answer: Of course it can!

Even plants which usually live in the soil, such as the clusia (AKA the balsam apple) or the exotic monstera, can amaze us if they’re allowed to take root in a water bath. Pebbles will help them keep their contact with the ground.

Large plants in a glass vase.
A moment of amazement: The lack of soil perfectly sets off the roots. (photo @ dropStock / adobe)

3. Create your own ecosystem

Don’t have green fingers? Not a problem! A mini-biotope in a glass is particularly suitable for plant lovers who weren’t born for gardening. Glass retains moisture and provides a perfect climate.

And it’s easy to do as well: Fill a glass with coarse stones and soil, and add plants!

Plants in a mini biotope.
A miniature forest in a bottle. Photo © manitor / adobe

4. Simply combine

If you add plants to a terrarium, you get a florarium. Layering is the key: Pebbles – plant granulate – plant soil – pebbles. Only then can you put your plants into their new home.

Succulents in a glass bowl.
Succulents and cacti. (photo @ Dinachi / iStock)

5. Just hanging out

If you haven’t got enough space on windowsills or tables, you’ll need to find a new solution.

Current trend: Hanging pots from the ceiling and looking forward to spring.

Living room with a blue couch and wooden floor.
Create innovative spaces for new plants.(Photo © FollowTheFlow / adobe)

Title-Photo @ Artem Zatsepilin / iStock

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