DIY Wanddeko mit Fotos
28 April 2020

Beautiful wall decoration with photos

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We all pull out our mobile phones to capture moments with our loved ones, special travel experiences or even normal everyday chaos. But these special moments often end up gathering dust on our memory cards. A home-made photo wall decoration will allow us to pay more attention to our phone snapshots and, at the same time, spruce up our own four walls.

Giving our interiors a breath of fresh air is a great idea, especially now that we’re spending most of our time at home. This DIY photo wall decoration also brings us a little closer to friends and family. Whether photos from your phone or old ones from family albums – this wall hanging will show off your memories in a new style.

And it doesn’t take much; you can print the photos out on photo paper yourself or, alternatively, order them from an online printing shop. Find the branch on one of your walks through nature and the weights, made of modelling clay, can also be replaced by other things.

Collage of materials for a self-made wall decoration. With wood, brush, photos and twine.

For the DIY photo wall decoration, you will need:

  • Printed photos
  • A wooden stick or branch
  • Yarn
  • Air-dry modelling clay (or other weights)
  • Acrylic paint

Firstly, make the weights from the modelling clay. There are no limits to your imagination. Geometric shapes, letters – anything is possible. The shapes can dry overnight and be painted however you like the next day using the acrylic paint. The weights are practical to keep the photos in place. This gives the DIY wall decoration stability. You can, of course, replace the modelling clay with other objects, such as (large) earrings that you no longer in use or wooden beads – simply use what you have available at home.

Materials (brush, string, needle) for the design of a wall decoration.

The weights are then tied to the branch at the same distance from each other using the yarn. Place the photos under the branch beforehand as you would like them to hang at the end in order to determine the exact length of yarn needed.

A piece of yarn is also tied to the branch where the photo wall decoration will be hung up later. And then you can get started!

Materials (wood, twine, photos) for the design of a self-made wall decoration.

It’s best to try out the arrangement of the photos in advance to get a nice overall picture. Then, simply stick the photos onto a piece of paper using double-sided tape (or glue), stretching the yarn in between. Your DIY wall decoration with photos of family and friends is now finished! All that’s left to do is find the right place for it – and you can enjoy the familiar faces every day. It will bring you a little closer to your friends and family, especially in times of social distancing, and, at the same time, your home gets a little makeover.

Photos © Lisa Arens

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