Ein Mann vor einem Flusspferd in der Flusspferdhofsiedlung
3 June 2020

How did the ‘Flusspferdhofsiedlung’ get its name?

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Author, historian, Berliner-by-choice since 1977: Michael Bienert is very familiar with Berlin’s history. In the column “Tell us, Mr Bienert…” he provides us with a glimpse into Berlin’s neighbourhoods and their special features. Let’s take a look at what he wants to show us this month.

Bright sunshine accompanied Mr Bienert to the “Flusspferdhofsiedlung” in Berlin-Lichtenberg. He wasn’t here to cool off from the summer temperatures in the fountain but rather to take us on a small exquisite tour around the garden monument. And we wanted to know: who lived here and how did they live here? Who was the architect? And most importantly:

“Tell us, Mr Bienert: How did the ‘Flusspferdhofsiedlung’ get its name?”

Water horses in Berlin? What’s going on here?

Curious? You can also come and see the settlement in person. The “water horses” (Flusspferde) are located in the courtyard between Große-Leege-Straße and Goeckestraße in 13055 Berlin-Lichtenberg.

Do you know any interesting districts or neighbourhoods that Mr Bienert should visit? Do you have any questions that you would like to ask our historian? Then send us an email:


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