Digitaler Geschäftsbericht des Gewobag auf Tablet-PC
12 September 2020

Gewobag’s first digital annual and sustainability report

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Gewobag’s housing stock increased by 10 percent in 2019. More than 125,000 tenants have found a home with Gewobag in around 70,000 apartments. But what do Jelbi stations and environmentally friendly mobility have to do with Gewobag? Why is the Berlin housing company giving away 62,500 packets of wildflower seeds to its tenants?

Why are charging stations for electric vehicles and district electricity thought about together? What can 300 little builders do on Gewobag’s largest construction site, WATERKANT Berlin? What does processing 150,000 customer enquiries digitally involve? Key figures, facts and background stories, which have been included in Gewobag’s annual and sustainability report, have been published in digital format for the first time, with the motto: “Heading into the future” for the 2019 financial year. 

Visualisierung digitaler Geschäfts- und Nachhaltigkeitsbericht
Videos, animations and key figures: Gewobag’s 2019 digital annual and sustainability report.

Facts about the Berlin housing company and its stages of development are open to all interested users regardless of location and at any time thanks to the digital presentation. Interesting topics and background information are also presented under the menu item Stories, including how energy can be saved using a steel storage unit or why new construction keeps a city like Berlin moving. The annual and sustainability report bears Gewobag’s corporate design, is fully responsive and can be optimally displayed on all mobile devices.

Visualisierung digitaler Geschäfts- und Nachhaltigkeitsbericht.
Sustainability at Gewobag: economy, society and environment – the housing company was recently nominated for the 2021 German Sustainability Award in the “Society and Fairness” category.

Trend: reports are going digital

According to a current study by the Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU) from 2019, the trend shows that reports are generally going digital. 59 percent of the companies questioned said that they want to communicate their reports exclusively in digital format in the future to save energy and paper and, therefore, save resources.

Monika Manhart, project manager of Gewobag’s digital annual and sustainability report, on the benefits of the digital format:

“Our integrated report is state of the art and was nominated for the 2020 German Prize for Online Communication. It enables us to better meet the needs of various target groups through useful functions such as Excel exports, the search function, note and marker tools as well as digital bookmarks. The format is sustainable and the framework of the website can be frequently filled with new content. We work with videos, animations, graphics and links allow us to be editorially well connected to the website or press releases. Stories can also be told and presented in a different way. This means that we allow users to delve deeper into topics that they are interested in.“

Monika Manhart, Projektleiterin digitaler Geschäftsbericht

Click here for the 2019 annual and sustainability report

The report was awarded the 2020 Digital Communication Award. Gewobag came second place in the “CSR & Annual Report” category. When commenting on the report, the jury said: “The result is a modern digital report with a wide range of functions and exciting content elements that provides extensive and informative reports about the past year and future developments in an entertaining manner.” More information at:

(*As part of the study on digital reporting, which was carried out by the Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU) in cooperation with the reporting agency nexxar , all companies from the German indexes DAX, MDAX, TecDAX and, for the first time in 2019, the Austrian ATX and the Swiss SMI were surveyed. Source: Vienna University of Economics and Business.)

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