Finished DIY key rings made of wooden beads
28 May 2020

DIY key ring made of wooden beads

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Finally found a new apartment, but it seems like forever until the move? Sweeten the waiting time a bit with this small DIY project. These home-made key rings made of wooden beads are easy to recreate and make moving in even more fun.

Whether there’s still some time left on the day you get the keys to the apartment or whether you have to wait a few more weeks before moving – this DIY key ring guarantees plenty of anticipation! You don’t necessarily have to buy the materials. Maybe you’ll find old wooden beads, forgotten jewellery, Christmas tree decorations or trivets when packing your moving boxes – wooden beads are used in many different products that can be easily upcycled.

Wooden beads, string and rings on a granite table.

To make DIY key rings of wooden beads, you will need:

  • different sized and shaped wooden beads
  • a suitable leather strap
  • a key ring
  • different coloured wood paint

The first step is to paint the wooden beads any way you like. Different colours can be used for this. But don’t forget that the key rings should be robust. Therefore, coloured wood varnish is best suited. If you use other paints, you should apply a second layer of protective clear varnish.

Wooden beads in different colors and shapes on a granite table.

Once the wooden beads have dried, you can thread them onto the leather strap. To do this, tie a simple knot in the strap and start threading the beads in the desired order. Smaller beads should be put at the beginning and at the end and the larger beads in the middle. You can also get a nice look by mixing the coloured wooden beads with untreated beads.

Wooden beads threaded on string.

When you are satisfied with the design, tie the leather strap at the top to form a loop and simply pull it onto the key ring. The ends of the leather strap can be cut off easily at the loops and ties. Make sure that the knots are tightened properly.

Homemade key chain with wooden beads on a granite table.

Your home-made key ring is complete and the anticipation of getting the keys is even greater!

Tip: DIY key rings are, of course, a good house-warming gift and add some colour to classic bread and salt gift baskets.

Photos © Lisa Arens

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