Mr. Bienert in a kitchen in the Haselhorst neighbourhood
2 May 2020

Tell us, Mr Bienert…

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Author and journalist Michael Bienert is a passionate historian. In our new column, “Tell us, Mr Bienert…”, he answers questions about Berlin’s history and the everyday lives of its inhabitants. Be part of the historical forays through Gewobag’s districts. Interesting anecdotes and interesting facts are often only slightly concealed behind courtyard entrances or doorbells.

Our first excursion takes us to Spandau Haselhorst. The Reichforschungssiedlung Haselhorst (Reich Research Settlement) was built here between 1929 and 1934. It was the first major project of what is today Gewobag, which laid the foundation for the advancement of one of Berlin’s largest housing associations. At that time, 12,000 people found a new home in the approximately 3,500 small apartments. The aim at that time was to have your own small space for little money.

The detailed museum apartment provides a realistic impression of life at that time. We wanted to know how Berliners used their kitchens at that time and what possibilities were available to them, so we asked our expert.

Would you like to learn more about the Reichsforschungssiedlung?

Find all information about the museum apartment in Haselhorst here.

Or read about the development of the Reichsforschungssiedlung in Michael Bienert’s book “Moderne Baukunst in Haselhorst” (Modern Architecture in Haselhost) It is available in bookshops.

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