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Gewobag Innovation Challenge

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What it’s all about

The Innovation Challenge is about looking for clever ideas and solutions to specific problems. Therefore, we have described six concrete problems as missions for this year’s Challenge. We have recognised how important it is to collect and use data, for example, to reduce our energy consumption through optimised heating control, therefore improving our carbon footprint. At the same time, we would like to network more closely with innovative solution providers in the market.

Our jury will select up to 10 winners from all entries – a maximum of five by Gewobag and a maximum of five by GBG Mannheim. There are pilot projects with Gewobag and GBG Mannheim worth up to € 25,000 €, up to 50,000, up to € 100,000 and up to € 200,000 to be won as well as pitch training.

Our challenge is also a Europe-wide call for tenders, which will be made public via our tendering platform We have designed the process to be quick and smart by using several quality gates that mean less effort for you.

Get involved and let’s make a difference together!

Brief overview of the procedure and the missions

FAQ about the Challenge

Conditions of Participation

Safe the Date!


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The Missions 2023

Our innovation competition offers the opportunity to participate in one or more missions from the areas of heating system operation, meter-reading services and IoT management. In addition, there is the possibility to apply with any ideas related to the field for energy efficiency beyond the missions. It is also possible to apply together with one or more companies, for example as a bidding consortium or by using a subcontractor. You can find out more about this in our FAQs.

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Innovation Challenge procedure

Europe-wide tender… sounds complicated? It’s not!
We have designed the process to be quick and smart so that it means less effort for you.

The individual steps are explained below:

Review video of the meet up:

  • We invite all interested parties to a meeting on 29 June in Berlin, where you can ask us questions in order to better understand the challenge and its missions.
  • The meeting will take place in hybrid format in Berlin – it will be recorded and made available to all interested parties afterwards. You will also be able to ask questions online. It’s definitely worth stopping by – we’ll be providing cold drinks and BBQ.

Presentation Meet Up 29.06.2023

Livevideo of the meet up on 29 June 2023 on YouTube:

  • The publication of the Europe-wide call for tenders has now taken place. It marks the start of a confidentiality phase in which all participants are treated equally and always receive the same information – the reason for this is public procurement law. So it remains fair for all.
  • The call for tenders can be reached via the following link: https://portal.beschaffungsportal.de/ui/awardProcedure/01892b1c-76d4-4b7a-8734-4a01b3598c17
  • An application is possible until 07.08.2023. The first step does not require much effort. You simply have to answer a few questions so that we can check your eligibility for the challenge.
  • Please note: You will present your products or services only after a successful suitability test from 11.08. on. The third step (from 29.09.) is about the design of the pilot project which you can win.
  • We have explained here how you can submit an application:

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  • We first check whether we are compatible by means of an eligibility assessment. The check refers in particular to your company. For example, it is important that you do not violate Gewobag’s Code of Conduct and that you already have some experience in working with other companies.
  • All applications received will be evaluated according to a transparent set of criteria. You will receive feedback from 11 August on whether you have been successful or not.

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  • After you have successfully passed the first gate, you will be asked to submit further information on how you would like to solve the missions. We then want to know in more detail how you would address Gewobag’s needs.
  • You can apply for one or more missions and present your solutions via the application form. All relevant documents for the missions will be uploaded to our award platform. There you will find templates for each phase of the challenge, which you can use as a guide. Our jury’s evaluation criteria will also be disclosed in the conditions of participation.
  • The deadline for submitting your pitch deck via the procurement platform is 11 September 2023.

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Our expert jury will evaluate all submissions according to a predefined set of criteria. You will be informed of whether you have been successful or not from 29 September.

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  • If you have convinced our jury up to this point, you will be asked to submit a specific proposal for a pilot project. You will then describe the scope of services you are offering us for the pilot project values of € T25, € T50, € T100 and € T200. How would you specifically approach the missions as part of a pilot project?
  • Once again, you submit these proposals via our award platform.
  • The final deadline is 27 October 2023.

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  • Our expert jury will review all proposals and select the winners of the challenge.
  • The winners will receive an invitation to the final in Amsterdam and pitch training.

The finalists are prepared for the big performance in the final with the help of an external professional.

  • The winners of the Innovation Challenge will be announced in advance and will receive a contract for a pilot project with Gewobag or GBG Mannheim.
  • In Berlin, up to 10 winners will have the opportunity to pitch their pilots to an interested professional audience as well as to Gewobag and GBG Mannheim on a larger scale and to convince other players in the real estate industry.

In the new year, we will start the pilot projects together by prototyping the winning solutions.

At this point, we would like to refer once again to the privacy policy for the Gewobag Innovation Challenge.

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Organization structure

(lead, contracting authority)

Berlin is a city of diversity. That is why more than 130,000 tenants from many countries and cultures find a home in over 74,000 apartments. Gewobag is one of the largest real estate companies in Germany. With housing offers for all sections of the population and innovative ideas, we are helping to make Berlin attractive and diverse.

GBG Mannheim

As the GBG Group of companies, we have transformed ourselves from a pure housing company to an important player in the development of Mannheim. Together with our five subsidiaries and two sub-subsidiaries, we contribute to a lively, diverse and sustainable urban development. Our aim is to create space for the future so that people in all living situations feel at home in Mannheim.

(promotional partner)

The European Federation for Living (EFL) is a European network of housing associations, companies and experts working to create more affordable, sustainable housing. We have over 70 members and associates from 19 European countries, with a joint portfolio of more than 1.300,000 dwellings and business units across Europe. And we´re growning by the day.


If you have any questions about the competition, would like to give us feedback, receive further information about the procedure or contact us directly, please send us a brief email. We look forward to hearing from you!

Sven Harke-Kajuth

Authorised signatory and head of digitalisation and group services as well as CDO of Gewobag

Head of the innovation and start-up programme

Managing director at Gewobag ID – Gesellschaft für Innovation, Digitalisierung und Geschäftsfeldentwicklung mbH

Dr. Oliver Falk-Becker

Head of business development

Programme manager of the innovation and start-up programme

Commercial authorised signatory at Gewobag ID – Gesellschaft für Innovation, Digitalisierung und Geschäftsfeldentwicklung mbH

Roman Riebow

Head of IT

Programme manager of the innovation and start-up programme

Technical authorised signatory at Gewobag ID – Gesellschaft für Innovation, Digitalisierung und Geschäftsfeldentwicklung mbH

Nina Kairies

Project and innovation management consultant

Markus Abegg

Division Manager IT and Services of the GBG Group

Managing Director of ServiceHaus GmbH

Managing Director of Markthaus Mannheim gGmbH

Aleyna Keskin

Consultant of the Division Manager IT and Services

Joost Nieuwenhuijzen

Managing Director EFL

The jury

Looking back at the 2021 Challenge

The Gewobag Innovation Prize is being awarded for the second time this year and is part of our innovation and start-up programme. The 2021 competition saw KUGU win over our jury of experts with its platform for digital building management. The cooperation between Green Fusion and Delta Heat came in an excellent second place, while the individual solution from Green Fusion came in third.